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January is the time for New Years resolutions. For many of us resolutions include getting fit and spending more time at the gym. Like many of us, I have the best of intentions and usually start the year off good. But then life happens and I get busy and I stop exercising the way I should. Over the years with my working dogs, I've had the opportunity to attend classes on K-9 Fitness. My dogs and I enjoyed them immensely and they were good for my partner as well as myself. The classes I attended were always a weekend and filled with all kinds of exercises designed to help my dogs build their core strength, leg muscles, balance, etc. However, there was no regularly scheduled sessions. It was one weekend and done. I would leave the seminar all ready to start a fitness program for my dog. But again, life happened and I would stop after a little bit since there was nothing to push me to keep up with the program. I regularly exercise because I know its important, but exercise is not something I overly

enjoy or something that comes naturally to me. I often dread it. I'm sure there are others that can relate. Last year, I had the opportunity to start including my dog as a partner in my workout. It made things a lot more fun and I found myself looking forward to gym time. My dog was always excited to go to the gym with me and couldn't wait to see what our trainer would think up next. We would race each other. We would do balance exercises. We would heel through the cones. The exercises helped him work on his fitness and made me a lot more motivated in my work out. I found my relationship with my dog was improving as well since we had to work together on new and unique things. It was a win all around. They say you the best way to be successful long term at fitness is to have a partner. Who makes a better fitness partner then our dogs? They are always there for us and love to exercises right along with us if we give them the opportunity. Exercise is good for both humans and dogs. Humans have all kinds of opportunities for fitness classes. Dogs unfortunately do not. The K-9 Magic Doggie Gym is our version of the weekend K-9 fitness seminars only on a regular weekly basis so that your canine friend can learn some new fitness related tricks and build muscle tone on a regular basis. Every Fri @ 8 PM, we will have some fun doggie fitness exercises picked out for everyone to work on. While it's good for dogs to exercise with new fitness tricks, we also want others to experience the joy of having mans best friend for a work out partner. Our first joint

dog-human fitness class is starting with Doga (Dog-Human Yoga) starting Tuesday Feb 5, 2019. We have some other exciting joint human-dog fitness classes in the works as well. With my dog by my side, I feel a lot more confident I will be better able to keep my New Years fitness resolutions. Join us and partner with your best friend for a fun and exciting fitness program in 2019.

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