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Finding Time for Training

Training regularly is one of the keys to success in dog training as well as many other things. Yet we all lead very busy lives and it can be difficult to find the time to train regularly. I very much get it. I have a demanding full time job, multiple business commitments, am in the middle of a college degree and have multiple dogs in various stages of their search dog careers as well as other commitments. To say I'm busy is an understatement. Yet I always find time to train my dogs everyday because it is important to me. I weave training into our every day lives. So I might not spend an hour training, but each dog in the house has had individual time with me working on their unique goals. When I feed the dogs each dog has to do a down stay. No one in the house eats until all the dogs are laying still. This can be an out of sight stay when it is time to fill up the food containers. When we go outside in the morning I often grab a toy so we can practice training during our morning walk. Often we will do the same thing for the evening walk. For my youngest that has the most to learn, I write extra time to work on specific things right into my to do list. I also make time to go to outside training. At the doggie parties, instead of just letting my youngest have a party, she plays for a bit then we work on her obedience and directability skills. We alternate play and training throughout the party. This routine works for us. By weaving training time into our daily routines, all the dogs get training every day even if only for a short time. I also find my days are always more pleasant and relaxed when I've had sessions with my dogs. Happy Training!

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